Bulls Eye Keywords


Finding the Best Choice of Keywords is a Science, We refer to it as our Bulls Eye Keyword Research, Because We Can Find the Most Focused Keywords For Your Paid Advertising Spend.


We start with the best known choice for that market, and go through a series of proven research methods to select only the top performing keyword phrases. We set filters so that the best keywords populate our preferred list, remove non-focused terms that we don’t feel are being used for searches by those ready to buy. We’re searching for the ‘buying’ crowd, the ‘low hanging fruit’ for your business, and then we can move on to the next level.


We have a scoring system so we can confirm which keywords are the best choices for you, not just a grab bag of guesswork. Documenting our steps through the entire process so rework isn’t required.


Grouping different concepts so that the final results will be focused to bring you the best success. We’re not finished yet, because when most companies feel that’s enough, we confirm our selections with a testing process to make sure the initial analysis is proven.


By testing one group against another, it filters out the best performing, most focused keyword phrases that match your market so that there’s no guesswork left, and we’re satisfied with the material we have to work with.