Link Promotion


Incoming Links From Quality Sources Tell The Search Engines Something Is Good About You.


Just like the rest of our services, we use a proven, logical strategy that has been accepted by the Search Engines for years to find quality, high ranking, high traffic volume sites to point to your site as good reference material.


Incoming links is as important, if not more, than just SEO by itself. That’s why we require this process to be included as part of our Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) efforts, because we don’t believe in doing a half-complete job for you.


Our tools tell us how important the two are together, so we don’t ignore the obvious. Providing you with success is our job.


We don’t use a service to funnel thousands of non related sites that don’t rank well with Page Rank, or never get any traffic themselves. We take hours to research sites that meet our standards, before we consider an incoming link from them.


Why get incoming links from sites that have no relevance to yours? We Don’t! Links provide two things; Relevance between the two sites, something common that visitors from the other sites see beneficial about yours that is worth clicking on a link to go away from that site to yours (having good keywords in those links make a difference too). And Recognition by the Search Engines that another site considers your site valuable enough to link to, passing on points from them to your site.


So we only look for sites that compliment each other, and not compete, which is what the search engines want, Natural Flow Thru of what a user wants, to give them the best experience in their search process.


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