Pay Per Click


Pay Per Click Management, also referred to as Direct Marketing, Brings Focused Buying Customers.


Confused by Google’s latest change? No sidebar, only 3-4 ads at the top, and maybe bottom? Think you’re going to have to pay more now? Think the competition is squeezing you off page one? All of this may be true, but you may just need a tune-up. If your keywords > ads > landing page aren’t focused, then you’re going to be paying more to get seen. We can help. We can audit your PPC account to see what needs adjusting, or start managing your account to keep it purring like a kitten.

We can manage your pay per click account for you, or create one from scratch. Pay Per Click is the fastest way to determine what customers are looking for. Sometimes called Direct Marketing, because you’re testing ads based on user input.


Our Keyword Research service, is used on all of our services, which in the long run is going to save you money from paying for non qualified clicks, get visits from more interested buyers, and invest that money into growing your stronghold in your market.


Our years of experience gives us an edge in any market. Our Keyword Research helps identify the best keyword terms to use for your business. Let us help you find your niche in your market.


We have experience in finding the best, focused keyword terms, the exact keywords used by more users, increasing your click through ratio, increasing your Quality Score to lower your click costs, and more.


Our ads that attract your customers are personalized to match your best customer. We are not a cookie-cutter advertiser. We don’t just blend in with the crowd, we stand out so that you’ll get more recognition, more clicks from a focused crowd. Bringing you the ‘low hanging fruit’ first.